Washing System (Tank washing system)

Steam Generators (Unfired)
Steam generators for heating, cleaning and de-icing purposes.These are particulary requested for chemical tankers, where the cleaning requirement is an issue.
Design: Horizontal or vertical, tube type.
Heating media: Thermal oil or Hot-water
Capacity range: 100 - 3.500 kg/h
Steam pressure range: 3 - 10 Bar (g)   
Material: Mild steel or Stainless steel in various qualities.
Simple installation, no exhaust stack or fuel supply systems needed.

More compact than conventional oil fired steam generators.

Easy service and cleaning due to simple dismantling of deck heaters.

Tank Cleaning Heater
The tank cleaning heaters feed fixed and mobile washing machines for cargo tank cleaning. The operation is usually designed based on maximum utilation of the heating system.  
Heat exchangers, Tank cleaning
heaters and deck heated by thermal oil
range 200 kW - 10 000 kW
washing systemwashing system
washing system
washing system
Fig: Steam Generator
Butterworth heaterButterworth heater
Butterworth heater
Butterworth heater
Fig: Tank Cleaning heater
Core in heat exchangersCore in heat exchangers
Core in heat exchangers
Core in heat exchangers
Fig: Core in heat exchangers