Deck Heaters (Cargo Heaters)

Cargo Heaters (Deck Heaters):
Cargo heater (deck heater), tube type for installation on open decker in closed deck trunks.
Heating media: Thermal oil, Hot-water or Steam
Capacity range: 100 - 2000 kW
Material: Stainless steel AISI 316 L (Standard).
Other material can be optional on request.
Simple installation compare to heating coils.     
Smooth and plane cargo tanks without obstacles and  cleaning shadows.
Easy cleaning of deck heater due to simple dismantling manoeuvres.
Deck Heaters Deck Heaters
Deck Heaters
Deck Heaters
Cargo HeatersCargo Heaters
Cargo Heaters
Cargo Heaters
Deck Heaters1Deck Heaters1
Deck Heaters
Deck Heaters