The Company

GESAB was built on the long standing maritime and heavy industry tradition found in Sweden. The Company Founders started GESAB in the mid 80's after having worked with marine heater applications for several decades.

The Company's mission is to design, build and deliver high quality and cost effective heating systems to marine and industrial users world wide.

This undertaking requires the Company to manage all phases of feasibility studies, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, delivery and commissioning of heating systems complete with spare parts.
Engineering is an essential part of the Company. GESAB has developed a very powerful computer program for the design of complete heating systems with thermal oil heaters, exhaust boilers, heating coils and other heat consumers.

The Engineering department is further assisted by the latest computer hardware operating various state of the art design and drafting programs.

Starting in 1998, GESAB now exclusively manufactures the well known HTI Thermal Heaters in its own facilities.

The Company continuously plays a leading role on the market and has positioned itself above the competition and has a bright future! 
The CompanyThe Company
The Company
The Company