Container & Skid units

Thermal fluid heaters can be delivered as a complete heating system, “plug and play” unit, in a container or a skid, fitted with all necessary tanks, pumps, switchboards, valves and gauges.

Container and skid units are built in a variety of configurations according to customer requirements. 
It can be for deck installation on ships or rigs, where no boiler room exists or engine room which cannot accommodate the boiler plant. 

It can also be complete fully assembled unit to be lifted into a construction section inside the ship or rig. 
The design can follow the clients requirements and requests as far as it is possible.
20 Container 2 40 Container 1 20 Container 1 40 Container 2 40 Container 3 Electro heater skidHeater skid with economiserHeater skid with economiser 2 HTI from air 2IMG 4213