Exhaust Gas Heater (Economizer) Range 100-5000kW

GESAB-HTI Exhaust Gas Heaters, heated by waste gases from the vessels's main engine, is commonly used in satisfying the heat demand of the vessel's bunker heating, accommodation, calorifier water and pre-heaters during the voyage. It may also be sufficient to heat the cargo, subject to heat requirement.
Design and construction:
The heating surface of the economizer consists of a number of spirally wound heating sections which are connected in parallel to a common inlet and outlet manifolds. The high speed of gas flue outside the smooth tubes, create a self cleaning effect.

Inside the economizer, there are water feed ring lines, fitted with nozzels, for both cleaning of the economizer and for fire extinguishing  purposes.
The lower gas flue transition piece is designed as a water trap to prevent extinguishing water to penetrate into the exhaust gas ducting from the main engine.

An integrated two flue gas damper section may be installed to modulate the output. Depending on the heat demand the flue gases are by-passed or led through the heating section.

Single emergency damper may also be provided according to rules and regulations


Reliable, no permanent supervision required.

Precise control and monitoring of temperature and capacity.

Efficient modulation of output from 15% to 100% using integrated passages and control flaps.

Excellent self cleaning combustion chamber and tube area design, using high speed exhaust.
Plain boiler pipes made of certified 37.81 steel.

Optimal adaption of physical design to confined spaces.

High operational safety by exclusive use of high quality components and safety devices.
Heat surface load calculated to prevent overheating, or cracking, of the heat carrying oil.

Fully automatic operating mode with trouble free operation.

No damages caused by freezing during shut down periods in low temperatures.

Interconnection of several heaters and consumers possible.
Different temperatures at consumers in secondary circuits.

GESAB / HTI exhaust gas heat exchanges are suitable for operation with thermal oil or water.

When operating with hot water, steam can be produced by using steaming out cylinders.

No corrosion in heaters, pipe lines and heat consumers, or other damages normally associated 
with steam heating systems.
Range 100-5000kWRange 100-5000kW
Range 100-5000kW
Range 100-5000kW