GESAB - Göteborgs Energy Systems AB, was founded by Thor Lund and Gerhard Sandholm in 1987. From the corporate head quarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, the company directs its world wide operations.
GESAB specializes in delivery of turn-key heating systems for marine and shore based applications.

Today's shipowners are increasingly switching over from steam to thermal oil systems. The bottom line result is not only the elimination of corrosion of the heating systems and the avoidance of high maintenance costs, commonly associated with steam systems, but also the comfort of a system that cannot freeze in cold climates.

GESAB is the exclusive manufacturer of the German HTI (Hoch Temperature Industrianlage) thermal oil boilers. Together with GESAB heat exchangers, pressure vessels and heating tubes, the company can deliver complete heating systems to many parts of the world.

Spain, Italy, Norway, U.S.A. , Singapore, China are some of the important market to GESAB. The company has developed a proprietary computer based design program, which calculates the total heat demand, optimizes the heating plant and reduces overall cost to allow for competitive pricing. GESAB is approved, by classification societies and other regulatory bodies, as a manufacturer of pressure vessels and tubing. Customers can always rely on turn-key systems guaranteed by GESAB​​​​​​​.
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