According to class rules

1 Ships where an inert gas system is required
Ships having the service notations oil tanker or FLS tanker and of 20000 tonnes deadweight and upwards are to be fitted with an inert gas system.”

By using GESAB Low Emisson Inert Gas Generator, you will have the best of two worlds.

1:st option is to utilize GESAB’s standard Thermal Oil Heater / Inert Gas Generator with heat recovery and use the exhaust gases from the oil fired heater to produce inert gases to the cargo tanks, via scrubber / cooling unit.

If a Catamiser system is installed you can use the low NOx exhaust gases ( TIER III ) connected to diesel generators or main engine onboard. This low NOx gases are used as preheated Combustion air for the thermal oil heater/boiler and by this a higher efficiency grade of the burner/heater will be achieved, lowering the fuel consumption to the burner.

By lowering the fuel oil used to the burner CO2 Emission fingerprint will be significantly lowered.


Inert Gas Generator using 100m3 fuel oil annually.

Stage 1:
Inert Gas Generator Heater with heat recovery.
* Heat recovering from 100 m3 Fuel Oil per year
* CO2 Emission reduction per year ~ 275 ton/year.

Stage 1+2:
Low O2 IG Generator heater reducing fuel by utilizing exhaust gas from Catamiser as combustion air.
* Fuel Oil reduction ~45 ton/ year
* Heat recovering from 55 m3 fuel oil per year
* CO2 Emission reduction ~275 ton/year
* CO2 Emission reduction using Catamiser ~151 ton/year
* Total CO2 reduction for stage 1+2 ~426 ton/year.