“The name GESAB should be associated with a service minded and experienced staff that delivers cost effective general solutions of heating systems and products through reliable and well-tested technology. The quality of our products should always meet or exceed our costumer’s expectations. “
GESAB´s business concept is to develop, optimize and offer marine and industrial heating & NOx reduction systems that fulfill the needs of our customers.

GESAB´s primacy as a successful supplier is established through a series of activities from marketing, feasibility studies, advanced calculations, system design, construction and timely delivery.

GESAB works to enhance marine consultant´s knowledge base, to influence system solutions presented in ship specifications and to market these solutions towards ship owners and shipyards. The ultimate goal is to always be on the Makers List as a preferred supplier.

The name GESAB should also be associated with a service-minded and experienced staff that delivers reliable, well-tested and cost-effective heating & NOx reduction systems.

The quality of our products should always meet, or exceed, the customer´s expectations.